Freelance Web Developer
Web Developer • Organiser of codebar • Cyclist • Occasional boulderer • Wannabe badass snowboarder


Facebook Instant Articles / Apple News

Both of these platforms were released during my time at Shortlist Media. As a publisher they wanted to be at the forefront of digital publishing and it was my job to integrate them. These efforts were successful as 2 weeks after launching Facebook IA we saw a 120% growth in online traffic.


Part of my job as Creative Technologist at Shortlist Media was experimenting with new technologies and ideas. These included prototyping a potential React Native app for a live event. Also a project where we created a React site that generated articles from the top trending subreddits of the day.

Open Source

Part of my role as codebar organiser is maintaining the repos. Everything we have built is Open Source, from the planner to the tutorials. We encourage students to contribute and to help with this we run "24 Pull Requests" every December. I have also created tutorials and guides to aid new developers, such as several Intro to Python tutorials and an everyday git command guide.


I get excited about building great products and working with great companies. I work with small and medium-sized businesses, design teams and agencies, building fast and responsive websites.

I have been one of the core organisers of codebar for 2 years. codebar aims to bridge the diversity gap in tech by running weekly programming workshops aimed at underrepresented groups. We have helped over 2000 students learn to code across 10 chapters. As well as our weekly workshops, we have also organised several one day events which you can read more about below.


If you're interested in hiring me or want to chat about an idea you have, email [email protected].